Custom Fabrication
Every piece produced by Mears Metal Products is backed by years of experience and refinement. Custom performance components, crafted specialty items, and many other unique projects have established MMP as a premier fabrication house. Although our main focus is sand sports enthusiasts, we serve a variety of industries. Our skills have been applied to specialty food processing equipment featuring all stainless equipment, marine fuel cells, and custom coach builders producing one of a kind concept cars that have toured internationally.


Turbo Systems
Tailored turbo systems are a shop specialty. Mears Metal Products makes every system to match the specific component set up of each customer. As a wholesale distributor for Turbonetics, we offer turbo units for a variety of power sources, which are then tailor fitted with intake and exhaust systems crafted for performance and utility. Special in house fabrication items like carburetor manifolds, and custom support brackets can add peak performance and winning presentation.


Aluminum Fabrication
Whether re-fitting an old favorite or building a new dream car, consider moving up to crafted aluminum accessories. Every piece is created in-house and fitted to your car ensuring quality, and professional finish. Both racing and recreational applications are welcome and we offer extensive experience in both. From fabricated interior components to precision race bodies and wings, our experience will give your project the professional finish it deserves.