Mears Metal Products was established in 1989 by Jeff Wilson after spending 7 years at Appletree Automotive as a primary frame builder and lead mechanic for the Appletree Race Team. A life long resident of the Mears community, Jeff grew up exploring the Silver Lake Sand Dunes with a variety of vehicles and learned first hand the excitement of off-road driving. This background along with over a decade of fabrication experience gives MMP a unique ability to provide quality products and real world applications to all of our customer projects. From a full line of off-road vehicles to custom fabrication, MMP can help you create what you are looking for and steer you in the best way to make that happen.

Mears Metal Products also offers a full line of premier part and component suppliers in the business at competitive prices. With nearly 25 years in the industry, Jeff and his staff can assist in complementing your project with the best accessories and parts for your application. Want to do some work yourself? MMP can deliver your project in the state of completion that complements your ability and budget.

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